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Lately there has been a Large (pun intended) demand on super bulky yarn. Customers fall in love with the chunky knits they see on Pinterest and Instagram. Blankets that make you feel like you are tiny, knit with needles that are no less than the size of a small tree. A quick fix with almost no effort and maximum (another intended pun...) effect, who wouldn't want that?

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The love of chunky knits has been a few years old, but every fall/winter season it gets another peak in interest and I have to let down customer after customer who come in search of these rope like yarns.

This Maxi knitting is knitting in the absolute sence of the word, but for 'a Knitter' with a capital 'K', it hardly is. The customer looking for this yarn is not looking for the experience, but for the effect. As an effect the bulkiest yarn in my shop is knit with needle size 15 (mm) and is like teeth floss compared to these chunky knits we post on our Pinterest boards. 

It is there, the yarn, isn't it? Other people can get their hands on it, so why not we? I hear you think and... I hear you. Are you sitting down? I need to tell you something. Ok, breathe in... 

A blanket will need about 5 kg's of super bulky yarn. And you probably don't want your blanket do scrub your skin, you'll knit a loofa for that, right? So you need 5 kg's of soft wool. We don't want plastic for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it's not so pretty. (this in my humble opinion at least). So that leaves us with 5 kg's of soft, natural yarn. So here it is...1 kg of this stuff will cost you about €100,- There. Now breathe out. 

If you want it, you can get it here and here.

A €500,- blanket. Sure if you can afford it, I am very happy for you, go for it, by all means. But... Imagine these blankets in your house, in use. You might have children, you might have pets... These lovely pictures are like the pictures in hairdressers magazine; they are taken in a nanosecond, all the hairs in place, no wind, perfect make-up, and a stylist by your side. Same goes for those blankets. The've just gotten off the needles, they are draped inch by inch, perfect lighting in a rub and tear free atmosphere. 

So why all this negative discouragement? Well... I aim to educate, that's what I do, it's who I am. Furthermore I'm from Rotterdam, we like to tell it like it is. But I have a positive twist to this story....

If you want maximum effects and minimum effort. How about these:

Wolkelder Wolkjeswol (follow link to webshop to see all skeins)

or these...

Akaratos  (follow link to webshop to see all skeins)

These yarns are handspun by local artisans in small batches so usually not enough to knit you a whole blanket, but you only need a small amount to make a 'drop-dead-designer-look' pillow cover or a warm and show stopping shawl, cowl or capelet. These items will last longer and transform the look of your couch, bed or body with the same WOW!

Also... Istex Bulky Lopi. Great yarn, very warm, very affordable. Just use 3 or 4 threads at the same time for the mega chunky effect. It works!

My point; think smaller amounts and think bigger effects. These kinds of yarns are not in our shop's budget line, but compared to the chunky blanket everybody wants, these are one of a kind and much more affordable. 

Big Wooly Hugs,


picture of chunky knits: