FREE leg warmer pattern

I have been in love with the Little Grey Sheep yarns for years. I remember almost begging Emma at one Edinburgh Yarn Fest to let me sell her yarns. 

At that point the farm didn't sell to shops and as the years passed I collected a bunch of her lovely yarns. 

Eventually she caved to my pleads and let me sell a some of her mini skeins in my shop. A year or two later I am now one of few proud re-sellers of her yarns and the official stockist for the Netherlands. 

I loved her colours/yarn so much that for years I just petted them and looked at them and no pattern seemed worthy enough.

I decided that these colours speak for themselves and I wanted to play with colour so I knitted a pair of legwarmers. 

My ocd levels are very low but I do like a bit of symmetrie, with this project I just chose the colours as I went a long and didn't allow myself to think too much about it. So freeing. You should really give it a shot.

Fun fact, I did mirror the amount of little mistakes in the second one. So it sort of still feels balanced. Balanced in mistakes and inbalance. Sounds so much like me! You can drive yourself crazy with this stuff can't you?

Obv you can also knit them completely identical, or just in one colour, black even... but I dare you to try to funk them up a bit. 

This pattern works with all fingering (4 ply, sockweight) scraps, but were made for the Little Grey Sheep - Hampshire 4 ply. Available from our (web)shop.

Leg warmers:
- Are a perfect first knit in the round project, sooo easy.
- Don't wear as fast as socks, they'll last waaaay longer.
- Are a great quickish gift to knit because they fit most.
- Is like a sock but without all the tricky bits.
- Can be worn to yoga/ dance class and other sports,
- but also with a black dress, with jeans, with flowers and polkadots.
- Can be worn over boots and with flipflops on a brisk summer morning.
- Can be just as easily used as arm warmers.
- Are just the bees knees!




(WORKING TITLE, a name will be picked from your ideas on instagram)


One size

fits all legs differently and equally pretty!

Pictures are of my 10 year old daughter's legs and my own 43 year old legs. Fresh out of pyama's just as all four of them are. 



100 gram Hampsire 4 ply (I used 87 grams in 8 colours)

3 mm (US 2,5) needles of your preference for working in the round

darning needle


Gauge isn't enormously importend in this pattern. I will never say this as a teacher, but I'll let it slide on this one. 

Mine was: 26 st-  43rows  

Pattern starts:

Cast on 76 stitches using long tail cast on or your favorite cast on. 

Knit 16 cm/ 6" of 2x2 rib.

Knit stripes of two rounds a colour for 22 cm/ 9", carrying the yarn not in use by twisting it each time you finish a round. Here's a tutorial. 

Now... listen to me and listen good. This is your chance to let go, play, try to wing it. It's therapeutic, go for it!! 

Then, knit 1x1 rib for 5 cm/ 2,5". 

Cast off in pattern using a stretchy cast off of choice. I like this one; Jeny's Suprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. I agree... they should have thought of an easier name, but Jeny is famous forever for this. I'm secretly jealous...



Weave in ends and block if you have the patience to wait before wearing these lovely warm legg huggers. 

Now go Pippi on everyone with these funky babies!!


© Saskia de Feijter, 2019 This pattern can be used to share and you are free to knit these legg warmers and sell them for charity but always use my name and refer to my website. Thank You