Georgie - needle wrap / Naaldenetui
Georgie - needle wrap / Naaldenetui
Georgie - needle wrap / Naaldenetui
Georgie - needle wrap / Naaldenetui
Georgie - needle wrap / Naaldenetui
Ericka Eckles

Georgie - needle wrap / Naaldenetui

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At Ja, Wol we endeavour to support local and/or handmade products. We stock some of the finest locally, handmade tools and notions in an effort to promote high quality artistry and to reduce our environmental footprint.

Lisa Jayne lives almost around the corner, just a sea and a border between us. But it feels like we've been neighbors forever. I imagine going to her house for tea while her cat Bernard jumps up my lap and we chat about knitting and other needle arts. 

Lisa Jayne is a lovely lady her style is quirky and granny chique. Not shying away from the memories we all hold when it comes to knitting. This is what she writes about her work:

" Heirloom quality and bespoke hand sewn crafts.....

Hand sewn items for you and your home that are often made from locally sourced vintage fabrics. With a sense of nostalgia and a gentle nod to bygone days, I incorporate traditional crafts such as hand embroidery, quilting and applique into small, often bespoke items that are a pleasure to touch and handle. 

Inspired by tales of older relatives, great aunts, nanas, grandmas.... people who are now often gone from our lives but not our hearts, I wanted to make useful pieces from time treasured and hand me down fabrics

Fabric has so much memory and story, and it often gets put away, forgotten about, by using these pieces to create items that get seen and used helps keep those stories and memories alive.

If you have fabric that is precious or that has sentimental value I'm happy to create a custom made piece especially for you. "

Description 'Georgie'

Made from time softened and re-purposed vintage furnishing fabric, the Georgie wrap is the perfect place to store an assortment of double pointed knitting needle and fixed circulars, along with other accessories such as pair of scissors and a needle gauge...

The front two rows of pockets provide plenty of space to store a variety of double pointed needles, crochet hooks or shawl needles, with at least 4 spaces wide enough to store larger width'd needles, and accessories such as a needle gauge or scissors...

There's then a row of deep pockets tucked behind them to store a small collection of fixed circular needles (the pockets are roomy enough to hold two sets of needles per pocket if necessary.

The wrap folds in half and is held secure with a length of black velvet ribbon.

The needle wrap and all pockets are fully lined.

The main fabric is a heavy linen blue and green rose floral print on a sage green background and the cover lining is a soft grey cotton calico.

Please note this listing is for the travel wrap and does not include any of the contents.

The wrap measures 11 1/2 inches wide by a height of 9 3/4 inches with the flap down (and 9 3/4 inches x 4 1/4 when folded over).


The Georgie wrap is named after my friend Georgie (who is an amazing woolly dress knitter) is ideal for storing both dpns and fixed circular needles... the front pockets are 4 inches deep (10cm), and the second row of pockets are 6 inches deep (15 cm) with a back support of 7 1/2 inches (19 cm).. the wide pocket to the right is shallower for fixed circulars or cable storage....

Old and worn fabric that has so much memory and is all full of story often gets put away, forgotten about, these needle wraps have been made to remember and cherish, to be used and not kept for best or fancy.

Please note that while the fabric is carefully sourced, and then washed, the fabric used is salvaged and re-purposed and may have some marks and wear on the fabric often found on vintage linens.

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