A Case for Hanging


At Ja, Wol we endeavour to support local and handmade products. We stock some of the finest locally, handmade tools and notions in an effort to promote high quality artistry in Rotterdam and The Netherlands and to reduce our environmental footprint.

Evelyne, from 'Beleef Je Verbeelding' (Experience Your Imagination), designs and makes beautiful leather bags. Ja, Wol asked her to custom design these needle cases and pouches. To see Evelyne's other designs, please also see 'A Case for Carrying', 'A Case for Carrying XL' and 'A Case for Gathering'.

A CASE FOR HANGING: A hanging case for use in your studio/atelier/workroom (or just... in your house!). It holds needles, scissors, rulers, pencils or even your make up tools.

The cases are handmade with thick durable leather so needles won't poke through them. They are all one-of-a-kind (once a colour is gone, it's gone!). Each case is made with a different type of leather so some are a little shiny, while others are suede. All types have little scratches and marks, which is part of the charm of using a natural product. Please also remember that colours can sometimes be hard to judge on a screen.

They are multipurpose and practical, and ~above all~ beautiful and luxurious. 

Leather improves with age - take care of it and it will last a lifetime. 

Carrying (folded) cases fit up to 20cm needles. Hanging (with eyelets) cases also fit longer needles, they will stick out, but it will hang just as nice. Even circulars fit. 

Just one more thing...

They make great presents!

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