Single patterns from Cowgirlblues


In addition to our collection of Cowgirlblues yarns we have some lovely patterns. Not too hard to make, but stunnimg when finished. 

Great value for money in the lace, kidsilk patterns. Good practise in fair isle and all very wearable. 

Keep in mind that the pattern pictures are in toned down colors but we also carry bright colors. Use your imagination!

Jamie: 180m aran weight yarn + 2 balls Cowgirlblues dk merino + 5mm/40cm circular

Sophie: 1 ball Cowgirlblues kidsilk + 50 gr sockweight yarn (or Cowgirlblues lace held double, one ball) + 5mm needles

Julia: 7 colors/balls Cowgirlblues dk merino + 4mm needles (this pattern is knit flat, but is easily adjustible to knit in the round)

Alyssa: 2 balls Cowgirlblues or 3 balls Cowgirlblues kidsilk + 8mm/60cm circulars and 12mm circulars for casting on  

Willow: 2 balls of Cowgirlblues lace + 4 balls of Cowgirlblues dk merino + 4mm/60cm circulars


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