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Ja, Wol - lanolin wool & body wash

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Our lano-line is made locally by Yvon. 

The Ja, Wol Lano-Line has been made with our customers in mind. An honest and simple product that does what it's supposed to do. Made locally.

The soap cleans your woollens (and your body) with gentle care. You don't have to rinse it over and over, the idea is that some of the lanolin stays in and on the wool to make it dirt and water repellent. 

Where the soap is like a shampoo, the soak is like a conditioner adding that extra bit of lanoline to give back the suppleness to your crunchy wool products. 

Lanoline is harvested from the fleece of sheep. No sheep were harmed during this process, as the shorn fleeces are washed the lanoline is distracted. It makes total sense to treat your wool with the stuff that's naturally there to keep it soft and protected. 

A very small group of people could get an allergic reaction from lanoline. If you are not sure, always try first. It's a very small group within allergies but better be safe.. 


main ingredient: lanoline
colour: light green
smell: a lichte, subtile apple & jasmin scent (essential oil)
weight: +/- 90-100 gr
what else: a bit of tea tree oil for anti moth and anti bacterial purposes. smart ey?  
no: packaging, palm oil and other crap.



Put an amount of lukewarm to hot water in a large bowl or bucket that fits your amount of woollens (I have used the bathtub before) drop the soap or soak in there until the water is soapy and milky. Add cold water until the water is luke warm. Take the soap/soak out and leave it to dry until the next use. 

Wash your woollens, no need to rinse. You can also use the soapy water in the washing machine. If you do this often, make sure to clean your machine with vinager every once in a while. 

Here's a little video of Anja using the soap. It's easy. 'Kind kan de was doen' we say in the Netherlands; 'A child can do the laundry'. In the background you can hear birds and Anja's daughter.