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Ja, Wol - leather needle & tool pouch S

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Leather needle & tool pouch S

This pouch is beautiful in it’s simplicity, dpns up to 20 cm will fit and so will crochet needles and your scissors. I can see it holding your phone cables or make-up too. There is absolutely no reason not to gift this bag to yourself or a friend. Just saying…


Evelyne at 'Beleef Je Verbeelding' (Experience Your Imagination), designs and makes beautiful leather bags. For her bagmaking she uses leftovers from larger brands & industries. When I asked her to collaborate with me to make needle cases and pouches, it only made sense to make them from her own leftovers. Waste nothing!

The cases are handmade with thick durable leather so you’re safe from needle stabbing! Each case is made with a different type of leather so some are a little shiny, while others are suede. All types have little scratches and marks, which is part of the charm of using a natural product. Please also remember that colours can sometimes be hard to judge on a screen.

The cases and pouches are designed to use for different purposes. They are practical, beautiful and luxurious. Leather improves with age and will last years, with good care even generations.

This product is made from scraps of scraps & will last you a lifetime. Big huge karma points right there!

And don’t forget they make great presents.



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We are trying this new way of ordering. You can choose your preferred colour group but you’ll have to let go of your urge to get a specific hue. There will be a lead time of 4 weeks maximum (probably less) but as soon as you order I’ll get in touch to give you a more specific estimation. It will depend on other orders.