Ja, Wol

Ja, Wol - organic screenprint project bag

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These project bags were screen printed by me and my daughter on a dreary home quarantaine day. Something I had been planning to do for months. 

We had a lovely time printing and seeing how al the colour turned out differently. 

Obviously the are not perfect as no hand-made thing ever is or should be in my honest opinion. So expect lovingly made fun bags with a bit of character. 

The cotton is 100% organic, made in the UK (I wouldn't want to use any other) and so you're conscious knitting practice is taken care of for you by us. 

The ink is copper with a shine and mint/turquoise.

Ps If you want to use it for bread keeping or vegetable shopping you can, the ink is water-based, eco friendly and wash-proof. 

The bag easily holds 2 x 100 gr skeins 


25 cm wide x 31,5 high