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Ja, Wol - Solid wood sock blockers

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When you find a woodworker that is a spinner and a knitter too, you know it will be a great match. Bregje and me worked together to make the perfect sock blockers and I'm super excited to show them to you. 

I am all about Buy Less, Buy Better & Make it last and so I was looking for solid wood sock blockers everywhere. Ply wood and plastics are simply not good enough when it comes to lasting and environmentally friendly tools.

The solid wood blockers I could find were antiques and that in itself explains why I’ve had my mind set on solid wood. These babies will last more than a lifetime. Just a bit of flaxseed oil or beeswax will keep them happy and pretty forever. No chance of water damage, splitting or other breakage. 

There is another reason why you would want these instead of plastics or ply wood versions; each pair has two sock sizes. One size is the bottom and the other size the top. 


Size 1: S & M (35-37.5 & 38-40)  

Size 2: M & L (38-40 & 41+43)

NEW!! Size 3: L & XL (41-43 & 44-46)

Only families or couples with a wide range of sizes will need 2 sizes everyone else will just need one pair, how great is that?!

Sock blockers are used to make your hand knit socks look pretty and dry up in the right dimensions.

1. wash your socks

2. roll up in a towel and stand on it to squeeze out excess moist

3. put on sock blockers and let dry completely

4. super crisp knitting and nicely fitting socks for you!


The sizes that are available can be shipped right away. 


We are trying this new way of ordering. Once a certain size has sold out, we will change the offer to an order with lead time. There will be a lead time of 4 weeks maximum (probably less) but as soon as you order I’ll get in touch to give you a more specific estimation. It will depend on other orders.