Knit Wit Magazine


Sold only at Ja, Wol in the Netherlands!! If they're gone, they're gone!!

Knit Wit started out as the most edge glossy about needle crafts and makers. Up until this latest issue, it was full of inspiration, interviews and other information. But now there's a collection of very edgy and fashionable knitting patterns too! So exciting! 

Here's what Knit Wit have to say about their magazine:

"Knit Wit is a new voice for and home to the modern craft movement. Through captivating photography and thoughtfully-arranged storytelling, we aim to celebrate the dynamic world of contemporary fiber arts and craft; to create a publication that is as richly beautiful and exciting as the work and community it reflects.

With an internal motto of “interest over instruction,” Knit Wit seeks to engage and inspire; to clear an inclusive space that is inviting and comfortable for masters, hobbyists and newcomers alike. It’s a publication for anyone with a curious mind, a love of design and an interest in people."

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