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Maas Bol (darning mushroom)

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This darning mushroom is as stylish as it is functional. 

It looks amazing next to your Kaj Bojesen animal collection. Or on your mid century sideboard. 

As I always say, beauty follows function. 

But Maas Bol is more than a pretty shape that feels amazing in your hands. It also holds your darning needles (and your secrets).

It's time to start a-darning your knitwear so it will be in your life longer, you'll have to buy less new items. 

The Maas Bol is not opposed to helping darn holes in store-bought items. And it has an inclusive mindset; non knitters are also very welcome to mend their clothes with Maas Bol. 


Buy a Maas Bol once, it will be with you forever. I would name it, but that might be just me.



material: walnut

height: 15 cm

width: 7,5 cm 

design: Marisa Klaster


About the name.

The river Maas runs through Rotterdam, the birthplace of this design. Maas is also the Dutch word for darning. Bol is the Dutch word for sphere. Sphere sounds like the Dutch word sfeer which means atmosphere. We want a great atmosphere in our homes. And with the Maas Bol we can accomplish all of that. (now there's some smart use of words...)


Ordering and Production

Maas Bol will be made to order in small batches. Doing it this way is the most sustainable for my business and for production. They are produced in the Netherlands.

I will keep you updated on the process so we’ll have a chance to be connected too. Win win allover win.