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20-01-2018 NOTE about the Solbein KAL We didn't anticipate such a overwhelming succes on our Knit A Long. We had to re-order new magazines. A third batch is on it's way now. This will be the last batch. So If you want to join, please don't wait to long ordering the Magazine. If you want information about the delivery time, please send me an email. 

Van begin januari tot en met half april organiseren we een KAL, waarbij we het prachtige vest 'Solbein' uit Making Magazine maken. Bij het maken van dit vest wordt gebruik gemaakt van de steek techniek. Dus heb je zin om mee te doen? Ga dan naar onze Ravelry Groep voor alle informatie of kijk op de blogpagina van deze website.  
Koop je je garen (Lett Lopi) en het patroon (uit Making 'Lines') via de website of in de winkel, dan krijg je een Ja, Wol project bag kado. Gebruik code 'jawolsolbeinkal'. (DEZE ACTIE IS AFGELOPEN we hebben alle tasjes verdeeld)

Here's what Madder have to say about their beautiful magazine, Making:

"Making is a bi-annual themed publication of projects for knitters and makers.

Making is published by Madder in Maine.

Making will only be available in print. 

#1 FLORA, the Spring issue, includes knit designs by Carrie Bostick Hoge, Susan B. Anderson, Hannah Fettig, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Melissa LaBarre, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, and Dawn Catanzaro.
Other contributions from Kristine Vejar, Carolyn Friedlander, Anna Graham, Alicia Paulson, Cal Patch, Kim Hamlin, Eliza Jane Curtis, Hillary Lang, Beatrice Perron Dahlen, Lori Ann Graham, Nicole Dupuis, David Iovino, and Trey Hughes.

#2 FAUNA, the Fall 2016 issue, includes knit designs from Norah Gaughan, Melanie Berg, Carol Sunday, Ashley Yousling, Karen Templer, Jenny Gordy, Susan B. Anderson, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Bristol Ivy, Carrie Bostick Hoge, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, and Beatrice Perron Dahlen.

Other contributions from Emily Walker, Cal Patch, Lori Ann Graham, Tif Fussell, Kristine Vejar, Anna Graham, Carolyn Friedlander, Casey Ryder, Trey Hughes, Tammy White, Nicole Dupuis, Amanda Blake Soule & Ashley Yousling, Grainline Studio, Sanae Ishido, Mollie Johanson, and Kim Hamlin.  

#3 DOTS, includes knit designs by Carrie Bostick Hoge, Susan B. Anderson, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Amy Christoffers, Shannon Cook, Norah Gaughan, Hannah Fettig, Heidi Kirrmaier,  Mary Jane Mucklestone, and Tin Can Knits. Other contributions from Kristine Vejar, Anna Graham, Sanae Ishida, Maura Ambrose and Ashley Yousling, Maryanne Moodie, Rae Hoekstra, Arounna Khounnoraj, Aneela Hooey, Tif Fussell, Jessica Lewis Stevens, Amber Corcoran, Cal Patch, Monica Johnson, Kim Hamlin, Eliza Jane Curtis, Lori Ann Graham, Catherine Satchell, Ellen Johnson, Amelia Poole, Leila Raabe, and Cecily Glowik MacDonald."

No. 4 / LINES, includes knit designs by Susan B. Anderson, Leila Raabe, Tin Can Knits, Bristol Ivy, Kirsten Johnstone, Andrea Mowry, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Beatrice Perron Dahlen, Rachel Coopey, Norah Gaughan, Carrie Bostick Hoge, and Michele Wang.Other contributions from Catherine Satchell, Elizabeth Miller, Monica Johnson, Emily C. Wolfe, San Ishida, Kristine Vejar, Samantha Hoyt Lindgren, Felicia Semple, Trey Hughes, Jessica Lewis Stevens, Amber Platzer Corcoran, Farzana Raqib, Jenny Gordy, Cal Patch, Erika Barratt, and Emma Lockwood.

Pictures are of the latest issue and knitting/crochet project only. There is much more like sewing, embroidery and recipes!!

LET OP! de patronen van Making zijn eerst alleen in de boeken/magazines verkrijgbaar en niet op Ravelry!