SSP (surprise support package)
SSP (surprise support package)
SSP (surprise support package)
Ja, Wol

SSP (surprise support package)

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EDIT: crazy... within an hour I sold out all surprise packages. I have to clean out the basement some more to see how many more I can add. There might be more but I'm not making promises I can't keep. 



We are using this weird time to the best of our abilities. Finding ways to earn our income while the shop is closed and direct people to this webshop.

Creative thinking is one of the things we do best. 

And so we thought of this. We have a treasury of sample yarns and single bits and pieces lying around that would be of use to you but are too few to put in the shop. 

Also our basements really needs tidying and as we now have time to do that... we might as well make use of it. 

We will not tell you what is in the package but think of it as the thank you for a one time donation.

You will get a Ja, Wol Patch and a handwritten thank you card in every package! 

Are you up for this?


!! NOTE !! you cannot mail us anything but positive reactions to the package, it's a surprise, the risk is yours. We will not have more of what you've gotten, so don't ask us. We need our time now to think of cool thing that make Ja, Wol stand out and stay strong!!

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