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Ja, Wol

3 Mentoring Sessions

3 Mentoring Sessions

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You didn't come this far to only come this far... With some goals in place, a plan, a strategy even, you can start to break through that ceiling that weighs you down. There is a way forward and out of the day-to-day busywork. Let's start to work smarter and not harder! 


Package Includes:

  • Preliminary Assessment via Email
  • 3 - 60 minute Coaching Calls
  • 3 - Follow-up Summary Emails with recommendations
  • 3 - Support Emails in between calls (if needed)


Do you need:

- An extra set of eyes and ears on a project you are working on?

- Insights in how to get unstuck and lift your business in a way that is workable in your schedule? 

- Someone to talk to about what your next step should be?

- Someone to ask all kinds of questions around branding, marketing, selling, planning, goal setting and running a business that is sustainable for you as well as the world? 

I can mentor and guide you, offer tools, ask you the right questions and send you off in the right direction. 



I've worked in this industry in many forms for over a decade and have made my mistakes. Every time I learned and did better going forward. I became a master of using tools and systems to do my work with focus and efficiency. 

During the lockdowns I decided to dedicate my time to helping other small businesses cut through the noise and offer helpful tools and information to build brands in a way that is sustainable to them as well as the world. 


I know a few things about running a small creative business, but most importantly; I love to help and motivate you to get things done!

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    "It's what I needed when I owned my yarn shop / needle craft school."