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08-3-2023 WORKSHOP Wardrobe Planning with Leigh from Topstitch Makers

08-3-2023 WORKSHOP Wardrobe Planning with Leigh from Topstitch Makers

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08-03-2023 / 20:00-21:00 CET / ONLINE Workshop

When it comes to what you will make next, where do you start... with setting goals, brainstorming or making an inventory list? 🤔

Recently it occurred to me that most wardrobe planning tools don't start in the right place... or rather that there might be a better place to start

I know that might sound a bit nuts-o because we’re so used to hearing about setting goals, brainstorming or making an inventory list to start with, and while those can be really helpful and important in the process, I discovered what might be a better place to start! 

Curious to learn more? 👀 

The starting place happens to be inside your own closet, and I created a method for discovering what you will make next based on what you already have and how you get dressed. I call it the MeMade Magnet Method for wardrobe planning. ✨

It's a practical but super fun method for discovering gaps and possibilities in your wardrobe. It involves using prompts (questions) you ask yourself as you get dressed and magnets (yes, actual magnets you make!) to make this process even easier, faster and more fun! 

So I want to share with you three discoveries I made when coming up with this method and share how you can use it to plan a practical wardrobe that you'll really wear and love. 

You might be thinking, wait, did she say "magnets"? 🤔 Yep, like what you put on your fridge! But of your own wardrobe, so they're also super cute. 👗👖 👚 

The first big idea behind this is that your current clothes, the way you get dressed and how you feel when you're getting dressed become the compass that leads you directly to what to make. This is really important because otherwise, when just brainstorming, looking at trends or dazzling new patterns, for example, we end up making things we don't really need or clothes we likely may not wear. 

The second big idea behind this is when you ask yourself specific questions as you're getting dressed, the a plan will begin to reveal itself without needing to turn to any other process outside your closet. We're often having internal conversations--I love this top but wish I had a cardigan to pair with it; I love the fabric of these pants but I don't love the fit; I reach for this top almost every single day. When you document these "getting dressed" discoveries, you begin to see patterns in what they reveal. 

The third big idea is that if you create a tool--your wardrobe magnets in this case--to make this process faster, easier and even more fun, you'll do it more often and have better results. 

We all want clothes that we love, that we'll actually wear and the MeMade Magnet method is likely the best place to start for you too! 

So what I've done is put together an e-guide for this method and I'm hosting a virtual workshop where I'll walk you through it step-by-step and I'll show you exactly how you can create your own wardrobe magnets! Everyone will receive the e-guide and leave with your own wardrobe magnets. All you need is a computer, Canva (the free version will do), printer paper and magnetic paper or just printer paper for now. (Even if you don't have the magnetic paper yet, you can set it up to click print as soon as you get it.)


See you there,




When you book this workshop you will get a link to the live online workshop and all the information you need in advance. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Saskia via e-mail



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