The Holiday Shopping List Strategy (without stash guilt)

It’s summer and you, being a conscious crafter, are confronted with making choices more than ever.
You ask yourself if you should even go away on a holiday because the conscious list is getting longer and longer. No planes, no trains, no automobiles… electric yes, maybe. Bikes or hikes are probably best… But two small kids and a dog?! Holy crap… not this year!

You are not the hardcore green type...

...but are certainly aware of the impact of decisions like these, made by neighbors, friends, family, the block, the city. It would make a (big) difference if we all made (small) changes. But it doesn’t seem like we are. So sometimes you wonder what’s the point?
Then you pick yourself up. It’s no use wining, you say to yourself, I do my best. My family does their best. Small steps every day and making sure it doesn’t drag us down. Ok, crisis averted. You straighten your back, pour yourself a cup or normal coffee (you’ve just learned that there is a lot to learn about that too), pour it in your re-usable travel mug and add some oat milk. Then you put on your sports-brand-that-cares windjacket and go out for a walk.

Is this you?

It IS me. Except for the sports-brand-that-cares windjacket, because they are not size inclusive… So mine is a men’s whisky brand merch jacket on which I have to roll up the sleeves 3 times.
The truth is that living a conscious, sustainable life is forking hard. And even the ones that make a point out of it don’t get it all right. Really, they don't. 
It can be exhausting and disheartening. If you let it…
Because it can be fun and actually very helpful in unexpected ways too. Let me explain and share my 


I’ll break it down in short sentences, so it's easy to follow
  • You are going on a trip.
  • There will be shops.
  • Your favorite shops.
  • Yarn shops and fabric stores full of fiber fumes.
  • At home lies a stash awaiting your return.
  • You feel the stash's heartbeat when you are browsing through the fibers.
  • But you also feel your own heartbeat, full of love for this magic land of wool and fat quarters.
And then *👼 que angels singing 👼 * you take out your HOLIDAY CONSCIOUS SHOP PREP LIST and you get to work. 
Ready do do some prepping?
Start by answering these questions. They wil give you focus and it all becomes
  • Less exhausting
  • Less overwhelming
  • More fulfilling
  • Better for you.
  • Better for the world.

1.What do I need in my wardrobe?

If you know what you need in the next season. You can shop accordingly. Plan ahead. Find patterns and make a shopping list, noting the amounts of what materials you need.
We do deeper work on this topic in our Ja, Wol Community

2.What are my main values? 

This is personal for everyone. Do you want to support minority shop owners and makers? Do you want to focus on animal friendly products? Local products? Circular?
DOWNLOAD THE FREE CONSCIOUS CHECKLIST HERE, it will help you wade through all the things to get a good grip of what is most important to you.

3.What reminds me of this trip most?

While you are traveling, you can take out your water-colours our your Pinterest boards and start making an impression of the shapes and colours of the country or area that you are visiting. What feelings come up? What foods do you like?
With what you need in your wardrobe you can start shopping with your values in mind, for the fabrics and yarns in colours and prints that reflect the feelings you have about this trip.
When you keep these things in mind. You will return home with less and better yarns and fabric with more value connected to it. You’ll have a plan and can start creating right away, keeping the memory of this trip with you.
Drop your partner, kids and animals off at a swimming pool, pub, forest before you do your thing.
Be flexible, you probably won’t hit all the marks. But it’s a fun game. See how far you can take it.
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