Over Ja, Wol

Ja, Wol is a yarn shop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our head honcho is Saskia de Feijter, who founded Ja, Wol 5 years ago. Saskia is a former art school student who studied photography and then later worked as a marketing and communication manager in music venues. At the time, she DJ-ed on the side to fuel her love of music, but was missing creating things with her hands. So, in the early 2000s, she returned to her first ever creative love: knitting, which set her heart afire all over again. After her employer let her go because she was pregnant, she started to build her own knitting brand by designing and teaching others to knit and crochet. And she hasn't looked back since!

After teaching in various places for a few years, she decided that it was time to find a permanent home. (Keeping yarn and knitting books in the car 24/7 just isn't practical!) She started out in an art studio, where the plan was to design and teach but customers kept dropping by to ask if they could buy some of the pretty yarn. Gradually, the design studio turned into a wee wool shop. When it became too small, Saskia moved her yarns across the road to her first real shop. This is when SAS Knits It Again (her former blog and design name) became Ja, Wol. After two years, she moved across the street to the lovely shop we're in now. 

Ja, Wol is known for our luxury yarns and beautifully handmade accessories, most of which are produced locally by the skilled hands of makers who have a great sense of pride in their various crafts. We truly believe that the passion in our products fills the air at Ja, Wol and inspires other makers.

We think it's important that people get in touch with natural materials (both figuratively and literally!). We love teaching our customers about the fantastic characteristics and uses of the beautiful materials in our shop. We offer a selection of individually chosen yarn and accessory brands in different price ranges so that there's something for everybody. Our yarns are either organic, locally produced, hand dyed, hand spun, fair trade, from social projects and/or small (family) businesses or a combination of the above! Whatever mix each is, they are all luxurious, high quality and made from natural materials. 

"Please drop by. I would love to welcome you to my shop and show you around."

Yours in yarns,