Ignoring my small business planning & systems on purpose


small business owner flips through bullet journal, image Rachel Ross

Today my calendar tells me to write about Planning & Systems. 

My plans and systems look like the opposite of what happens in my brain. They are needed, used and valued. 

I almost didn’t write today because I plan and have systems so that I can derail. 

Read that again. Yes, that doesn’t really make sense does it?

Why would anyone spend time learning about planning and systems at all if you already know you will not use them? 

Because the fact that you have plans and systems will make it possible for you to let go of them. From time to time. 

Wether you are a neuro diverse individual or wether you are going through a burnout or a tough emotional time. We all need to check in with our energy level and emotions regularly. If we don’t we will build up a force of nature behind a dam that will eventually break. So sometimes we need to let go and let the water run in order to get some energy back. 

Planning and systems are the tool I use so it’s easier for me to take care of my business and myself. The business thrives on the side of the planning and the systems. I thrive because I still feel I have a hold of things if I let go for a day or two. 

Yes, I will be behind. But I know exactly what to do, how to do it and when it needs to be done because the plans and systems are in place. And so I am not needlessly forcing myself to go on and white knuckle through when what I really need is a couch melting session with yarn and tea. 

In fact… when I return rested and when I have taken care of myself, I usually get a boost of energy ticking off the boxes and getting right back where I should be in no-time. 

It’s about the space between what needs to be done and what you need that will make running your business more sustainable in the long run. Especially if you are a solo-preneur you need to take care of the ceo, the head of marketing, the cleaning lady and the board of directors. Because they are all YOU. 

Finding out how to plan and how to organise your business so it fits your specific needs is a journey. But the good news is that it really just is about choosing and doing the hard work for a periode once so you can enjoy the fruits of your organized, planned and systematized labour forever. 


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☞ In the Building Better Businesses Circle Program (the BBBC) I mentor small creative business owners and guide them to a more organized, structured and focussed way to grow their business. My specialties include connection, branding, marketing, communication, goal setting and building community. With gentle, guiding influence, a sense of humor and a burning passion to stop the fast fashion industry I’ve started to invest my skills and energy to help small, independent businesses in the craft and textile industry to build a strong and holistic base that aligns with their personal life, building a business that is fun and easy to run so the conscious consumer can continue to choose better products and materials.

As a trained artist, marketer and business owner I have experienced first hand that passionate artists and artisans don’t often start with a business, sales or marketing education. I am here to bridge that gap and show you that these are not dirty words and that it can actually be fun and easy to level up and grow your business.

The BBBC offers a curriculum that is made to help busy business owners succeed. It consists of 4 modules with written and audio chapters, video’s and a workbook with exercises that -when completed- will be your future toolkit and roadmap. Weekly online meetups and accountability groups will motivate you to actually do the work. These meetings offer the most value of the program, connection and the power of community in a group of people that will become your board of trustees, your mastermind. The value of this program expands well into the future.

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