My new website is live, it’s messy and I should know better

I have turned off the web-shop-function on my business website about two weeks ago. I needed to change the look and feel of the website to match my NEW SERVICE BASED BUSINESS and move forward with my goals after closing my brick and mortar. The product based web shop was next. And it got real messy.

web design: Saskia de Feijter/ image: 51North Rotterdam/ pictured: Saskia de Feijter


  • No more shipping. Other types of customer support. A new ideal customer profile and a completely different flow through the different pages.
  • Making sure my two ideal customers (makers and sellers in the (needle) craft industry) can find their way and understand what my platform is about was my main goal.
  • I also needed a ‘register your interest’ landing page for the Building Better Businesses Circle (BBBC) program I’m building at the moment.


It is a work in progress and it has to be or else it will never go live. You know what I’m talking about. I have not checked all the boxes on the WEBSITE to do list that I am actually teaching in my BBBC program. I’m totally owning up to that. I haven’t yet. But I will.

My bio is way too long. I think I’ll just turn that into a blogpost and refer to it in a dotted time line of my business. The story is way too long for today’s scan and scroll readers. I actually know what makes it work. And it needs to change. But not today.

I am pushing one service forward and as a consequence have to leave another behind. For now… the Ja, Wol Community will not make money any time soon and so I have to focus on the Building Better Businesses Circle. Building further on what I’ve started with four founding members that are very pleased with my work I might add. Meanwhile building on the program that will support a new cohort. And I WILL spent time on the other ideal customer section. Later.

I’m still not positive my messaging is clear enough. Despite months of writing and re-writing texts. Working on them from a branding point of view, with the new customers in mind. Thinking about all the things I’ve learned in my career and the last three years of constant study. It needs tweaking. In the next month or so.

web design: Saskia de Feijter

This is a picture of the homepage, here is the actual website. If you ever want to take a picture of your whole webpage, you can do so using this tool.


I am happy and content even though I feel my gut cramping. Knowing what it ‘should’ look like and not being there 100% now is … SO HARD!

Especially when you teach this shit…

You will probably find a whole bunch of typos in there. I am not a native English speaker and I have no team, no assistant. I make a podcast, three mails, a community and a membership in 28 hours a week. By myself. (and a podcast editor)

I did the bulk of the site building in two weeks. Branding, design, copywriting has been months in the making. Last week I was just frustrating myself up to the moment when I really had to stop tweaking.

My strategy:

  1. Leave it over the weekend.
  2. Then take screenshots on my phone with notes.
  3. Change the things I noted.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I gave myself that deadline. It has always been the hardest thing to do for me: choosing, killing your darlings, going for the clear text instead of the fun text. UGH!

My inner perfectionist was clawing out my eyes from the inside.
I just had to choose, sigh and move on.

No joke. I REALLY struggled to get that website live. But I have learned and EXPERIENCED that it is better to just DO, go, move forward.

image: 51North Rotterdam


At one point as a student I needed therapy to get out of my perfectionist chains. Seriously. I am literally a recovering perfectionist. 20+ years of recovery, it’s still rears it’s ugly head sometimes.

The BUJO practice has made a big difference in my life. Getting a coach, absolutely. But teaching others is probably the best cure. And being honest about all of it.

I am not much that much different from my ideal client. I have just freed my time to support them with what I’ve learned. I do the choosing, sighing and framing for them. And then I use it myself. In my limited time. In my solo-show-of-a-business. And I’m not apologetic about it! I have to kick my own arse every day. Go back to what I’ve learned and experienced. Trust it and be the imperfectly unapologetically expert that I am.

I have found that this is how I can serve best. In service based businesses it’s even more about the customer, the client, the audience. Knowing what it is like to walk in their shoes (VANS!) is your superpower.

I wrote this to show that even if you know what things ‘should’ look like life is still life reality kicks in and you have to do it the way it can be done in the moment. Even as a pro. I like to think it makes me human. I don’t need to be a perfect instagram feed that communicates NOTHING about the reality of running a small creative business.

I can best show the reality of what it is like to be a professional in my field. The imperfections. But also… the wins. And today I have a win. My website is live in all its beautiful wonkyness. I’m sure that’s not how it’s spelled… Oh well. Sigh. Bye!

x, Sas

image: Saskia de Feijter

At the moment I am starting to register interest for the Building Better Businesses Circle. If you want to know more, go to the website and click ‘sellers’. Leave me your e-mail and I’ll keep you updated.

With a recession on the way this might sound like a bad moment. But it’s actually a pretty good moment to lift your business and get your ducks in a row.

I have started my business in the last recession. I have pivoted my business completely during the pandemic. Desperate times are the best for using your creativity and setting aflame that burning heart and soul that your business is made off.

If you are not interested yourself. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE it if you can share my website with others. I rely on word of mouth as I have shut down my social media accounts. You might have heard me talk about it on the podcast.

image: 51North Rotterdam / pictured: Saskia de Feijter

My name is Saskia. I have an education in photography and marketing/communication. Every other part of running a small creative business was self taught. After a full journey in the needle craft space* I am now building a platform for makers and sellers in this industry where they can meet and support each other. Where they can learn and grow and become the ripple that turns into a wave. Our mission being to flip the bird to fast fashion and taking the needle(s) into our own hands. Making, curating and taking care of our clothes in a way that is respectful to the earth and its inhabitants.

*(I went fromKnitting Pattern Designer to Needle Craft Teacher then Needle Craft School ownerto Indie Yarns Shop owner, Yarn Designer and Yarn Dyer, oh and also Product Designer.Then I became a Community Builder (online and offline), a Podcaster, Writer of Content, Event Organiser and Program Maker.)

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