I am studying again, as I might have mentioned before. It could have been a million times. And my best friends know nothing... Do you get that, that you feel like you have been talking about something to EVERYONE THE WHOLE TIME... and then it turns out that you have just been repeating it to the same person.... ?

So my studying mostly takes place in the attic. It’s a nice small room where there is a bed -meant for visitors but used by a cat- a whole bunch of Swedish Billys filled with papers and project bags (if I have to explain what a Billy is, you are not my friend anymore!) and…


The stash… I have read many a blog, books even, listened to podcasts and talked to uncountable knitters about … the stash.
I think my stash is a source of price, of memories and of abundance. There is nothing wrong with S.A.B.L.E. (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) in short; owning more yarn than you can knit in your lifetime. Nothing wrong with owning a shitload of yarn. Nope. As I sit next to it while listening to my teachers, coaches and fellow students, I look at it and don’t feel a single negative emotion. As said I am proud of my stash, a collection of usually very well planned acquisitions and the odd yarn fume enhanced crazy buy (it happens).

You can feel it coming… there is a but. Not a butt. A but.
But… lately I have felt a natural limit approaching slowly from the mist. Step by step the limit revealed itself to me in all its ecological, ethical and green wonder. At first I was scared, I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live without more yarn by my side.. But then I spent so many nights thinking how to knit it all and I grew strong and I learned how to use it all.

And so I’m back from quarantaine
I just decided that I want to use what I’ve got lying here
I should just knit the damn stuff now, I should just teach how others can

Feel less devoured by the choice and feel more focussed how they can

So now go, use up some stash
and when you need some more
decide who’s gonna get your cash
A happy lamb, a happy earth, an under privileged maker
I think you can do this
I think you can pay more and smile!

Ok that’s enough, I’ve kept that going for too long already.

Anyway. I am looking at my stash now and I am knitting from the stash next. And after that and after that. I will not buy more yarn this whole year. Or maybe ever. That will probably result in some very colourful sweaters in my family because I don’t have a lot of sweater quantities in one colour but I we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Seriously now. I am a knit professional, let’s not forget that.I have a million ideas to get to work with your stash, and mine, and that of your friend knitters. I know a lot about yarn and how to use it and I am getting closer to opening up our ‘herd’ online in our online community. The ‘herd’ you can join and become a member of and learn so much about all things knitting and yarn.

Are you excited to learn more? Leave a note!

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