What (practical) garment would you never make?

Although I love the Autumn I have never been rained on so many times as I have been in the last couple of weeks. I don't really drive around the city anymore, I bike everywhere and that means, getting wet, blown away or scorched. 
This time I'm writing about how I deal with the practical needs in my wardrobe. 
I don't know where you are in the world, but us Dutchies do love our bikes. And off course there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing… 
Lucky I finally found recycled plastic bottle rain pants in plus size!  
When I bike to my 12 lesson/6 weeks boxing course I wear them. 
When I bike to my pattern drawing course I wear them. 
I wear them a lot these days. I really can't do without them, but it took me so long to find ones that fit my values, needs and body… pff! 
Would you sew your own rain pants?
It's so important to have access to the clothes you need and as we're slowly moving into winter I've already looked into snow gear because my ski jacket and pants are now at least 7 years old and ready to be thanked -Konmari style- and then ‘updated’. That's a nice way of saying ‘replaced’…
I can forget about finding anything that's even slightly sustainable in my size, in fact, finding any ski pants that fit at all is a nightmare. 
Every winter I'm in a right state when I realise there is hardly any sportswear for us fatlethes (I've started calling myself that, because I might be fat, I still exercise a lot). Every winter I think I'm going to start a new business offering more sustainable and fun fatlethe wear and then I realise I already have a business and a bunch of hobbies. (aka no time..,)
When I visited the Hollands Wol Collectief open day last week I brought a bunch of local felt and fibers home and I'm starting to dream about a felt coat. Local (but world famous) artist Christien Meindertsma has designed a jacket from this particular felt and my sewing teacher was the one to put it together so I'm sure she will be able to help.
But pants… felt pants… it's 8mm thick felt, hahaha, I don't think that will work. I even looked at Austrian vintage mountain wear… it's a look, let's just say that. 
Coming to the following questions… 
  • What type of garment would you NOT make yourself? 
  • What type of garment do you need and is very hard to match to your values, needs and body?
  • What has your solution been so far?
Please reply and let me know, I can share it next time and we can help each other out! 
I'll probably give a bathing suit a go. I already have sewn undies. Perhaps not a bra or one without underwires. Not quite yet though.
I have organised my sewing patterns into craft paper folders (HEMA) because if you know what you have, you're not tempted to buy more. 
This winter I'm focussing on my easier to make needs
  • I'm knitting the Field Day Cardigan by Hailey Smedley / Ozetta in BC garn Semilla melange, color 04 which is charcoal. Very straight forward, very basic, great to knit when acting like a ghost during trick or treating. (we won a prize for best Trick or Treat address on our block!)
  • I'm knitting a pair of bed socks out of my first fingering weight hand spun / chainply BFL/silk sock yarn. It is more of a light sport weight than a fingering yarn, but close enough.
  • AMAZINGLY my teen daughter has asked me to knit her a Lopapeysa (Icelandic sweater) and we've managed to find some colours she likes in my stash. She chose one of my favourite designs; ‘Solbein’ by Mary Jane Mucklestone and I'm very excited about it.
  • I need some long sleeve T-shirts and have some Breton striped fabric in my stash that will work perfectly with Wendy Ward's Peak T-shirt from ‘Sewing with Knitted Fabrics’
  • I'm almost finished sewing a waist coat in the same fabric as my wedding overalls. It's made to be worn two ways. One side is charcoal with a deep grey back and the other side is stone red with a light blue and red checkered fabric. This is going to be an amazing layering piece that will spice up a whole set of garments and provide some great shape and silhouette. *
*I share project pictures in the community. 
Realistically I don't think I can make more until the year is full, perhaps another pair of socks. 
I do plan to do some spinning with Schaap en Draak fibers I got at the Knit & Knot fair when I visited owner Liset. 
Oh and did I tell you I was at the Breidagen in Zwolle, working Liset's stall with Saskia from Ovis et Cetera? It was so much fun to be in the middle of things again. 
Would you sew your own rain pants?
Let me know if you like these kind of updates on what I'm making sprinkled with my ideas and philosophies. 
Keep stitchin',
ps I have been in training with the Bullet Journal company from the beginning of summer and am now a Certified Bullet Journal Practitioner and almost ready to teach my ‘Bullet Journalling for Creatives’ workshop. I talked to inventor Ryder Carroll last week, I was excited for days as I have been in lessons with him but not a one on one conversation! 
I made this 3 minute form to gauge interest, so if you are interested please go HERE
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