#11 - Wieteke Opmeer on why she stopped selling her most popular products

by Saskia de Feijter on February 11, 2021  in #11a smaller lifea smaller life podcastwietekeopmeer
In this episode, you’ll hear from Wieteke Opmeer. Wieteke is a multi talented artist that has nature as her main source of inspiration. She works in, with and around nature with the utmost respect and mindfulness. We talk about why she decided to stop selling her beautiful and immensely popular wood carved tools, her philosophy behind it is eye opening. She's building a house with hemp walls too so we get into that too. I'm so happy and proud to share with you the amazing Wieteke!⠀⠀
We mention these books:
Cal Newport - Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World
Mark Boyle - The Way Home: Tales from a Life Without Technology
find Wieteke here: and on instagram @wietekeopmeer 

With this podcast I want to take you with me on my journey to discover the answers to these questions: What do we buy, Where do we buy, Who do we buy from… Or don’t we buy at all but use what we already have? And how relevant is my job as a yarn shop owner selling people stuff when we already have more than we need? How can I make my life as an entrepreneur and textile crafter smaller and more relevant to these times?

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In order to make the podcast available to as many people as possible, here's the transcription (it might have some weird sentences because of the software I use):

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