#14 - Jonna van 't Hof on how to calculate fair prices for your work

In my podcast A Smaller Life, I talk to makers and business owners in my industry (and sometimes beyond) about making conscious choices and growing your brand by actually going smaller.

In this episode, I welcome 
Jonna van 't Hof, she's a legal and business advisor at BBK (Beroepsvereniging van Beeldend Kunstenaars - Professional Association of Visual Artists). 
Jonna reacted on my Instagram stories about fair wages and prices for your work as a professional knitter. She was so specific about it that I needed to know more,I contacted her and as it turns out she's a professional in the field. It took me 2 seconds to invite her to be my guest on the podcast and l'm so glad she obliged. 
Jonna advises visual artists on legal and business matters and knits in her spare time.
We had such an in-depth discussion about fair wages for self employed creatives. And fair and sustainable prices for handmade items. When do you call yourself a professional artist or crafter, is there a difference. How do you move from creating for fun to becoming a professional and what steps do you need to take. 
What I loved about this conversation is that it's all  in your hands. It's a mindset if nothing else. Some of the best artists are self educated.
"When you think it, if you have the right mindset, you can become it"
A Professional Artist is someone who makes autonomous work you don't necessarily need an art education. 
Any artist is good enough and worthy enough of GOOD payment! 
Everyone who sees theirselves as a professional artist can become a member in the union. 


1. With a VAT number you are a professional. Go get one! It's easy.
2. Write a business plan and answer the question: 'Is your business sustainable over a longer periode of time?'
3. If you do the work you are worthy of good payment 
4. Calculate backwards, what do you need to make and can it be done in the amount of time you have. 
5. There's a market for everything but you'll have to be able to find it, invest in marketing (knowledge)
6. Three steps to determine price: 
1. Comparison
2. Hourly wage
3. Yearly income/ wage
7. Paying Fair prices don't just reflect on people's income, it also reflects on their joy, love for the craft/art/product, their support, the ability to save.
8. It's hard for the consumer to distinguish between hobbyist and professionals on Etsy and why there is a difference in these prices. 
9. Educating the consumer about prices of art is a struggle, as a maker you can help by showing your customers how you build your prices
10. Take yourself seriously and invest in your website, packaging etc. Make people see you as a professional. 

One (!!) pair of hand knit socks should cost about €254,- not €20,-!! 

This is where you’ll find Jonna
Instagram @jonnahof
The artist union where she works www.bbknet.nl  (Beroepsvereniging van Beeldend Kunstenaars)
Other links
Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce Netherlands)


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In order to make the podcast available to as many people as possible, here's the transcription (it might have some weird sentences because of the software I use):

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Hallo Saskia, ik wil graag even toevoegen dat het heel belangrijk is om een goede kwaliteit garen te gebruiken als je een bepaalde prijs wilt vragen voor een gebreide trui.
Verder geniet ik van je podcasts, ik leer er veel van en herken ook heel veel in mijn eigen wolwinkel. Groetjes, Chantal


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