#17 - Cinthia Vallet @fromcinthia - on designing & selling smart and soulful knit animal patterns

In this episode I welcome Cinthia Vallet, designer extraordinaire of animal knitting patterns. 
Cinthia is a very charming and lovely person, her designs are super smart, starting at the head, knitting down, all in one piece. This way you immediately connect to the animal you are making. The designs are beautiful and cute and definitely not just for kids. 
We talk about her inspirations, how she works at home finding balance as a designer and as a mom in covid times. Cinthia's patterns are great to use up stash or use that luxury hand dyed yarn you love so much, you only need a small amount. 
Find her beautiful designs here and have a look at all the pictures of the cute creations via her IG account. @fromcinthia

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