#19 - Floor, Tama en Maaike talk about their experience as a member of the Conscious Knitting Club

In this episode I welcome Floor, Tama en Maaike who have been active founding members of the Conscious Knitting Club. 


We talk about what made them decide to join, how the club is structured, what the value has been to them and how much time they invest. 

This interview was such a great experience for me because these women really proved to me that what I had envisioned for the club has become a reality. Connecting to other knitters and getting to a deeper level of consciousness about what and why and how we knit. 

I hope you'll enjoy this episode and if you want to become a member of the club, we'd love to have you, just go HERE and scroll down to see the special membership plans. 

In order to make the podcast available to as many people as possible, here's the transcription.


Thanks for listening, I really appreciate you choosing to spend your time with me and my guests!

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