#21 - Tom of Holland on his career in visible mending

In my podcast A Smaller Life, I talk to makers and business owners in my industry (and sometimes beyond) about making conscious choices and growing your brand by actually going smaller.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Tom of Holland.
Tom is a maker, or a textile practitioner as you'll hear him explain in the interview. 
This is probably Tom's last interview as a professional mending expert as he's going to focus on other hobbies in textiles. Learn more about his work, his career, his view on sustainable crafting and the new menders on the block. 
We talk about his expertise and why he doesn't see it as a business. 
Tom of Holland in the Textiel Museum in Tilburg
picture: Saskia de Feijter

This is where you’ll find Tom
Website: https://tomofholland.com/ 
Instagram: @tomofholland

Tom's work, a mended sweater
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