#32 - 4 Fundamental Steps For Starting Small Businesses

In my podcast A Smaller Life, I talk to makers and business owners in my industry (and sometimes beyond) about making conscious choices and growing your brand by actually going smaller.

 A Smaller Life Podcast

In this solo episode I share my 4 Fundamental Steps For Starting Small Businesses. 

Last week, in a very energetic mood, I asked my mailing list subscribers "What can I do for you right now? How can I help? And I was bracing myself for a whole week of full service and connecting. Being generous as a business is important and it can really help you to figure out what people need. 

I did get a number responses but not enough to keep me occupied for a whole week. So I decided to answer the most asked question in this episode of the podcast and make good use of what I just learned.


"What steps do I take first when I want to start my small business?"


I know what it feels like when you are a (starting) solo-preneur. So much uncertainty. So many questions. It can get pretty scary and it makes you stop in your tracks. While your mind is in overdrive, you are not moving forward.

After 16 years of running a small business and starting dozens of side hustles, I know a thing or two of what is truly important and what fluff you can leave to the side. Because we don't have time for crap shizzle. Am I right?

In line with the generous and energetic mood I was in, I've also made a free download for all of you who are curious or want to start their small business soon. 


4 Fundamental Steps For Starting Small Businesses



I mention the Dutch chamber of commerce and the Dutch 'Kleine Ondernemersregeling Inkomstenbelasting'  in the podcast. 

www.fiverr.com is a great place to let other people take over things you don't want to or can't do yourself.

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It's basically all I wish I had when I was starting out. 
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Thanks for listening, I really appreciate you choosing to spend your time with me and my guests!



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