#39 - How to leave social and stay in touch with friends - Summer Shortie Episode

note: there is a bit of Dutch in the beginning but I translate right after!


On my summer break I answer listeners' questions and share some of my personal strategies and tips in short & compact episodes. Short, sweet and simple but elegant and packed with value if it's something you were looking for.

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my 3 books of Ja, Wol Business Instagram life

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Lotte shared with me that she'd love to leave social media but she's scared she'd miss staying in touch with her international friends. I share my (business) strategy for leaving Instagram and circle back to Lotte's private situation and offer some ideas for her.  

I used Pastbook (no ad) to make my instagram photo books.
The Dutch social media platform I was struggling to find the name of is (or was) Hyves.
The ad-free and safe community platform I use for my business and for the people that live on our block is Mighty Networks (affiliate link; if you end up using this link, I get a thank you from MN)
Hardcore fan of Bullet Journalling in the way it was intended by Ryder Carrol; Purpose Powered Productivity. (no ad)

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Have an awesome summer,

ps Never call a lady 'shortie', the title is about the length of the episode. I just wanted make this extra clear.

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