#45 - Connecting the dots, planning & strategy in your craft business

In this episode I talk about the role of strategy in your small business and how you don't have to change all that much to make better use of the time and effort you are already investing in communication, marketing, branding and all those other 'icky' business words.

Hopefully you'll get some information about how thinking things through just a little bit more, can make a big difference in how you present yourself as a business.


a wooden mid century desk an imac some washi tape and a salt lamp ready to get work done




  1. Artists are not often taught how to promote, market and sell their products. We know what looks good, we can frame, stage and showcase.

  2. Look at your competitors, research what they do. Do you blend in with the rest or stand out? Stay out of the craft soup!

  3. Focus on who you are and what you need as a business, then build a solid brand that stands out from the rest and connect the dots and build a plan (strategy) that will last you for months or years even. It will give you time back instead of costing you more!

  4. You know how to create a beautiful product or curate an amazing connection, your next step is leveling up and make your brand shine and show your customers why you are different.

  5. These icky terms, communication, marketing, branding, strategy is necessary AND it can be really fun to learn more and make them part of your business. Once you know what steps to take it doesn't have to take that much time either. All you need is a toolkit and a roadmap you can rely on and return to.

  6. It's almost easy to burn out when so much of your business is YOU but you can learn not make decisions that help you as well as your business move forward.

  7. What will move your business forward right now. Taking time to reflect on this with folk like yourself, business owners, is very helpful.





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