#46 - Alice Karolina @ The Ethical Move on Ethical Marketing

We welcome Alice from The Ethical Move this week on A Smaller Life!

Alice owns a branding firm, and she runs an online community (with the help of dedicated others) that's focused on ethical branding / marketing.

How do we attract customers without using lead magnets? 

How can we appeal to our customers without manipulating them? 

These are the kind of questions they ask at https://www.theethicalmove.org/



Main Takeaways

  • current marketing strategies are often deeply manipulating
  • industry advice that is given is often based on tricking people into buying things
  • consumerism is not sustainable, not ethical, and it's just straight up harmful in many ways
  • we are in a constant environment of consuming the next best thing, having the next best thing, buying new things, etc
  • to add a deeper twist, people who search for marketing tips are often given the most potent fear of needing the next product, the next course, the juiciest trade secrets, etc
  • businesses who want to do better, especially small businesses with owners who might be new at marketing or branding, often need to converse with other likeminded business owners and group-think it
  • that's what led Alice to start The Ethical Move
  • ethical marketing is not a quick one-and-done thing, it's a practice
  • it will never be finished, and you'll always have improvements to make as a business
  • self-care and avoiding overwhelm is also hugely important
  • those boundaries are often hard to draw because we are so passionate about the mission we're on
  • it's also important to celebrate our small steps



the ethical move


"...and that is really where the community is strongest, like the community is really meant to hold that space where we work on our ethical marketing pursuits, because they will last a lifetime. This is a great un-learning and a great re-creating of what we want things to be, you know? Like if we don't use lead magnets, what do we do? If we don't use the typical selling strategies, what are strategies that work, that work more, let’s say cyclically or in a natural connection? What about relationship? I just think branding goes a lot deeper than we think."

– Alice Karolina, The Ethical Move


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Heel inspirerend gesprek. Keep up the good work :)

Mariken Koning

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