#48- Elizabeth Joy of Conscious Style explaining conscious and sustainability lingo

In this episode, you’ll hear from Elizabeth Joy of Conscious Style.

Elizabeth is a content creator that cares about fashion and style in a conscious way. We talk about green washing, the use of wording and descriptions in the field of conscious fashion and educating through podcasts and other channels. 

Elizabeth Joy


  1. The Big Brands often co-opt words used in the small, sustainable, earth-loving, crafting community and uses them to make money / green-washing
  2. “Ethical Fashion” is one of those terms
  3. “Circular Fashion” is a system that doesn’t produce waste and the items have no real “end-of-life”
    1. Items can be reused, recycled, upcycled, or sent back / repaired, etc
    2. Ex: Thousand Fell Sneakers - US https://www.thousandfell.com/
    3. Ex: MUD Jeans - NL https://mudjeans.nl/


“When you search a term like, ‘ethical fashion’, a term like ‘sustainable fashion’... you see the Google ads of brands that are totally not sustainable. It’s really frustrating, right? They have the money, they have the budget to sort of, green-wash their way into sustainability, which… it feels like we’re up against a lot but, yeah. I just really think it’s important to educate; try to educate as many people who will listen and who are curious.”



What Elizabeth’s Wearing - Jewelry / Clothing Swap Service https://www.swapsociety.co/

(a European equivalent? https://www.thenuwardrobe.com/)

What Saskia’s Wearing https://www.seasaltcornwall.com/

Ethical / Sustainable Shoe Brand in the U.S. - Nisolo https://nisolo.com/ See also:


Thousand Fell Sneakers https://www.thousandfell.com/

MUD Jeans NL https://mudjeans.nl/

Book: The Day The World Stops Shopping https://www.jbmackinnon.com/the-day-the-world-stops-shopping  


Her website https://www.consciouslifeandstyle.com/

Her podcast https://www.consciouslifeandstyle.com/category/podcast/

Newsletter: https://www.consciouslifeandstyle.com/subscribe/



I had a very interesting conversation with Elizabeth on her podcast. In fact, we couldn't stop talking and she had to cut the conversation into two episodes:

Conscious Entrepreneurship and Crafting with Saskia de Feijter
Listen HERE


Resisting Hustle Culture, Setting Boundaries, and Quitting Social MediaListen

Listen HERE 



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