#50 - Milestones, Maya @ Knit With Attitude goes Big + A Smaller Life's 50th Episode

May Lin Bang (Maya) joins us from Knit With Attitude in High Street London, but not before we do a little celebrating for our 50th episode! Tune in to hear shout outs and interesting stats in the first 10 minutes, and then get cozy for our 50 minute conversation.

Maya is an inspiration who has run a successful ecological yarn shop as an immigrant for more than 10 years. She had an online shop before that was really a thing. She tells us about how she deals with our unconventional industry in an unconventional way, from funding, to management and more, never giving up her values and core principles. It was a joy to hear from her, and you can find her at www.knitwithattitude.com

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  1. Family and community is very important in the creative industry

  2. Yarn shops don’t fit the mold as far as normal businesses

  3. We need to rely on one another as small businesses, instead of viewing them as competition

  4. Funding: Thinking alternatively might just make the difference in your creative business

  5. Yarn- the origin used to be considered by brands to be an “industry secret” but now (fortunately) transparency has become a selling point, so businesses are eager to share



“I will not demand exclusivity from any maker, any dyer– because I don’t think this is healthy for the industry as a whole. Although it may make sense for the individual shop to kind of protect what you have, but I find that collaboration is so much bigger and so much [more] fruitful for everyone involved.”





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