#60 - Pilar Letelier of Cabeza de Alfiler - Overcoming the fear of Copy Cats, using the Power of Branding and Peer Support

In this episode I chat to Pilar Letelier of Cabeza de Alfiler about running a creative business. We both agree that having a clear vision and communicating it well is key. Delegating tasks to others can also help free up your time to focus on what really matters. We talk about the fear of being copied by competitors and suggest that owning your brand and using it in your marketing can help you stand out.  It is super important to have a strong sense of purpose and work towards it with passion and dedication. All in all, there are some great tips in this episode for building a successful and fulfilling business! 😎👍


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In this conversation, we touch on several important aspects of running a creative business. One key takeaway is the importance of having a clear vision for your business and communicating it effectively to your team. This can help ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and objectives, and can also help you stay focused on the bigger picture, rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day tasks.

Another important point is the value of delegating tasks to others. While it can be tempting to try to do everything yourself, this can quickly become overwhelming and can prevent you from making progress towards our goals. By delegating tasks to others, you can free up our time and energy to focus on the things that really matter, such as developing our brand, building relationships with customers, and identifying new opportunities for growth.

We also discuss the importance of finding support from peers. Running a business can be a lonely experience, and having a network of like-minded individuals to turn to can be incredibly valuable. Peers can offer insights, feedback, and advice, and can also help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

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One issue we discuss is the fear of being copied by competitors. While this is a natural concern, we suggest that one of the best ways to combat this is by owning your shit (aka brand) and using it in your marketing. By emphasising what makes our business unique and special, we can stand out from the competition and maintain our identity.

Finally, we emphasise the importance of having a strong sense of purpose and working towards it with passion and dedication. While running a business can be challenging, having a clear sense of why you're doing what you're doing can help you stay motivated and overcome obstacles along the way. By staying focused on your goals and working hard to achieve them, you can build a successful and fulfilling creative business.



  1. Have a clear vision for your business and communicate it effectively to your team.
  2. Delegate tasks to others to free up time and focus on important tasks.
  3. Find support and guidance from peers in the industry.
  4. Own your brand and use it in your marketing to stand out from competitors.
  5. Have a strong sense of purpose and work towards it with passion and dedication.


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