#64 - Transform Your Small Business Mindset with the Power of Decluttering


Hey there! In this episode, I answer the question

What can I do to get more focussed work done?

I discuss the benefits of decluttering your workspace and how it can lead to increased productivity, mental clarity, and focus. I explore the KonMari method and share tips on how to organize your workspace, prioritize your time, and manage your clutter. I also discuss the importance of mindset and how it can influence your work habits and routines.

Here are some of the main takeaways from this episode:



  1. A clean and organized workspace can lead to increased productivity and mental clarity.
  2. The KonMari method is a practical and effective way to declutter your workspace and improve your focus.
  3. Mindset is an important factor in achieving a clutter-free workspace and creating healthy work habits.
  4. Taking the time to organize your workspace can help you prioritize your time and manage your clutter.
  5. Decluttering can be a simple and easy way to improve your work environment and boost your creativity.

"But wait, i'm a creative person. I need this stuff around me, i need the clutter, i need this for inspiration. It's who I am, it's the core of my being, and I cannot change..."


Marie Kondo's book on tidying your workplace


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Episode idea, production, artwork, interviews by Saskia de Feijter

Episode edited by Niall Mackay


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1 comment

Hi Saskia, I have just re-listened (this is my 3rd time!!) to episode 64 about decluttering your workspace and the benefits of that. I do have to work with a client for an hour in an hour, but I have taken a before photograph..and I will get started on my messy office space today and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I’ll have a beautifully clear and clean workspace. I’m both excited and dreading it in equal measures – it will be quite an undertaking! I then need to be brave and re-tackle my clothes….that will happen after my office!
Thanks for giving me the nudge(s) that I needed! K x

Kathleen Kettles

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