#85 - From Full InstaGram Breakup to Reconnection - Pt 1. The Experiment

In this episode, I delve into my personal journey with social media, particularly Instagram.

This is the first of a two part episode that introduces my reasons for leaving InstaGram, my reasons for coming back and my conclusions after 7 months. 

I discuss my decision to step away from the platform two years ago due to its impact on my health and well-being. Now, I've decided to return, but with a new approach. I'm exploring how to maintain a minimalist brand presence, focusing on connection and authenticity rather than followers and likes. This experiment is about finding a way to use Instagram that aligns with my values and doesn't compromise my well-being.


  1. It's possible to use social media in a way that aligns with your values.
  2. Setting boundaries on social media usage can help maintain mental health.
  3. A minimalist approach to social media can be beneficial.
  4. The number of followers is not the main goal; connection and authenticity are more important.
  5. Social media should offer us something beneficial rather than consuming us.



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  2. My Community
  3. Business Circle Program


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