a Tour of our Friendly Fiber Village

Download the village map.



Welcome to our friendly community's Town Hall. Your journey in the community will begin here this is where you'll find your way around the community.

This is where we welcome everyone and introduce them to our Friendly Fiber Village.

It's where we start on our path to 'do and make with intention', rather than following the herd blindly. 

Entering this space is the first step onto the different paths within the community. 

Here you can find:

  • The Community Map - a beautiful illustrated map communicating the spaces, paths and journeys you can take and visit, you are actually in the community map right now. 
  • Community Guidelines 
  • Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

We extend our hand to shake yours, please introduce yourself in this space.


Community Guidelines

Find our best practices and gentle guidelines here.


The Village Square is the central hub of our Friendly Fiber Village, a central space, buzzing with activity. Where the core aspects of the community are gathered in a stream of information so you can get easy and quick access to what is happening.

The Village Square doesn't have a name in the menu. You'll find it right at the top of the menu on the left. Mighty Networks calls it Global Features, I like to think of it as the village square. 

On the village square you'll find:

  • Latest updates
  • Discovery
  • Members
  • Events

The Village Square is like a fountain of wisdom. And we'll pretend that it's a fountain of youth too! (...)


Latest Updates


Here you'll get all the new posts delivered personally.

When you are a member of a certain group, transformational path or other space, the new posts from these spaces will all gather here in your private news space. 

Like a newspaper with sections for sports, finances, world news and the weather. 

Some are just here for the comics. That's ok.



A great way to discover new things you haven't seen before, the discovery space will show you different views into the community. 




Connect and create with likeminded folk through the members space and the events sections. 

Find people near you or filter on interests. This makes it easy to make contact with other members. 




Events in this space show Ja, Wol online events within the community and the community build calendar of festivals, markets and fairs from the event calendar in the Communal Gardens.

Connect to other members and invite each other to join an event or happening. 

Let's goooo!






In the communal gardens we come together to plant, grow, harvest and sell. Metaphorically, though we also have a group that is all about actual (veggie) gardens.

These spaces are open to all members, most of them are build and grown by the community (that is you!) and include:

  • Social (formerly The (ANTI) Social)
  • Tricks & Tech
  • Pattern Shift Podcast
  • Inspiration & resources  
  • Community Market Place
  • Event Calendar

CARE - The Social Feed

Our social feed is where we share what we're up to, anything that doesn't fit in any other space, in the most kind and open way. 

Without ads, without distractions. A safe space to share and care.


GATHER - Tricks & Tech

Plant your own videos and harvest other people's cool tips.

Community Led Teaching; Share tips & tricks as you are making.

INTERVIEW- Pattern Shift Podcast

Find all episodes right here in the community. 

Live interviews are a plan for the future. Community members will be able to join backstage. 

Sit down with your project of choice, listen to stories from the world of slow fashion, small needle craft businesses and relax.

PICK - Inspiration & resources

Ripe for the pick; information that is healthy, nutritious, and helpful to us all. 

This is a community-build space, we encourage you to share whatever you find that might be of use or inspiration to others.





SELL - Community Market Place + Events, Festivals & Fairs Calendar

In this space, you can trade, sell, or gift anything you don't need anymore. Yarns, tools, fabrics, finished items.

Because using what's already there is jus really smart and giving is just awesome! 

And you'll find a calendar of events, festivals, and fairs in the slow fashion and needle craft industry. 

We encourage you to share events that are not on the calendar, this is a community-led space.






From Feeling Insecure to Confident, in running your business or in your craft practice, the Ja, Wol Community hosts a series of Transformational Paths you can follow.

Make the most of the power of community, accountability and momentum and set you off on a journey of inspiration and discovery. 

Our transformational paths include

  • The Ja, Wol Business Circle Membership - the holistic journey continues
  • The Journey to Wardrobe Consciousness aka the Ja, Wol Community Membership - Caring for, curating, and creating a more conscious closet in community. (Count the 'C's')


When you are unsure what step to take next ...



Step by step...

We will guide you on your rocky road...



So you'll find the confidence and joy,

to take bigger and better leaps 

in your business,

or in your craft practice.





Courses and Workshops help members to get deeper knowledge of certain aspects of their journey.

If you are an avid knitter and ready to take your first steps into sewing so you can also start to sew wardrobe wonders, or the other way around. This is where we offer free and paid lessons for those that want to learn more. 

Our main crafts are knitting, sewing and crochet but we also love to spin, weave and try our hand at any technique that can help us build our dream wardrobe.


In the (near) future, our community will invite more and more teachers to share their skills with us. 

If you have a wish, an idea, a question, please send a DM or better yet, share it in the community feed so that I can get an idea of the wishes and interests.



Groups and Guilds

Groups are spaces that offer connections and information that might not be of interest to the whole community.

Sometimes it's even outside of creating a wardrobe or running a slow fashion business. If you like a group, we can make a group. 

In support of small businesses, this is also the space for guilds, were specific crafts and businesses find a place to work together.

For example, designers can run test knits here, have their own mini community to organise and make good use of. 

Find your herd here.



It's where leaders get a space to lead.


 Welcome to our Friendly Fiber Village!

x Saskia