I am a MAKER

More fun with the process

"The best part of CKC is the community of like minded people. We not only learn together but also from each other. 

Since joining I am much more conscious about everything to do with my knitting and have more fun with it in the process!"

– Tama Mul

Learned a lot!

"I have learned a lot already, and I’m looking forward to learning much more. It’s been a real enrichment of this weird year, in which I have become more focused in things that are important to me. This fits into that perfectly!"

–Floor Flurij

I figured out what I wanted to do

"I found a goal in life thanks to JWC. By working on my Vision Board, doing studies on fibers and what I like, want and wish from a thread I figured out what I wanted to do. I feel supported by the group and can't wait to share.
For me, giving back is a big part the community.

The group has given me strength, support and real friends. So thank you JWC and thank you Saskia(and helpers) for creating such a platform."

– Robin Kerkhoven