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–William Morris
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Some years ago, Ja Wol chose Ovis et Cetera as our Indie Dyer feature brand of the season and we have honestly never looked back! It’s rare for us to continue to stock indie dyers past their feature - usually we guide our customers to their websites and move on to featuring the work of another wonderful indie dyer. But there was something so exciting about what Saskia (the woman behind the dying pot) was doing. For us, Ovis et Cetera is like the utopia of yarn brands – fashionable and luxurious yarn made from locally sourced fibres that is locally dyed in a sustainable way (keep reading for more details!). It seems only fitting that it is sold locally, at your Rotterdam LYS!

We mentioned Saskia a little earlier. Not that it matters really, but she’s a wonderful, smart and thoughtful person. Here’s what Saskia has to say about her dying process:

"During my whole process, from dyeing to packaging I'm very aware of the environmental impact. Ovis et cetera yarns are dyed with Greener shades acid dyes, professional acid dyes without heavy metals. As little water as possible is used while dying, the dye baths get completely exhausted, no dye gets wasted, and therefore only a little soak with a mild ecological detergent after dyeing is needed."

Ovis yarns are the perfect meeting of vintage and modern. The vintage feel of these yarns comes from their satisfying colour palettes full of muted tones, dirty pinks, rusty oranges and faded blues. We swear, everything you knit with these yarns comes out looking effortlessly classic and timeless. However (and this is important!), unlike the yarns of yesteryear, Ovis yarns are made with environmental sustainability at the forefront of the mind. We love Ovis et Cetera yarns for everything (!) but especially sweaters, socks, mittens and colour-work.

Written by Lia Weitzel for Ja, Wol
Instagram @ovisetcetera.


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