#47- Janne de Hoop @ Hollands Wol Collectief on turning local wool into product

Before The Holland Wool Collective came along, tons of wool was going to waste. There was a gap between people who had wool, people who processed it into a usable product, and wholesalers or designers who needed the material.

Farmers in the Netherlands needed more options as far as who to send their wool to; there wasn’t anyone gathering that material to send it to be processed it into usable medium– like felt or yarn. At least, not until Janne de Hoop and her partner Mirthe Snoek came along.

Janne de Hoop - Hollands Wol Collectief in Podcast A Smaller Life
Janne de Hoop
Janne de Hoop - Hollands Wol Collectief in Podcast A Smaller Life
Mirthe Snoek


Within a week of launching their website, they had received at least 30 calls from sheep farmers with wool to get rid of. Still in the early stages, Janne from the Hollands Wol Colletief gives us a sneak-peek into what goes on behind the scenes in this start-up cooperative that utilizes what, in the past, was going to waste. What a joy to have her with us!

We talk about taxes, balancing work life and personal life, launching a company with a friend, and figuring things out as you go.

designvilt, one of the semi-finished products the Dutch Wool Collective (Hollands Wol Collectief) make
woolfiller, one of the semi-finished products the Dutch Wool Collective (Hollands Wol Collectief) make



    1. The main problem with Dutch wool as a semi-finished product is that there is no local industry to process it. 
    2. Hollands Wol Collectief is filling the gap between people that have wool, people that process it into a usable product, and wholesalers or designers who need the material.   
    3. Wool with it's many good traits can be a solution to so many problems.
    4. Working with a friend is amazing but you have to talk until you solve the problem and don’t forget to do and talk about other things than work.
    5. Don't forget to include your partner in your work so you can get their support and share your wins. 



Martin Oosthoek Landschapsbeheer - Rotterdam Shepard -








I wrote a blog about this topic in Dutch that talks about different initiatives that have tried and are working with local Dutch wool. You can read it HERE.

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Wij hebben schapen (texelaars) die produceren jaarlijks tussen de 800 en 1000kg wol. Wij als maatschap van Aken, willen graag meer informatie over dit mooie project. Met vriendelijke groet Marie-José 🐑 van Aken

Marie-José Van Aken-Köster

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