#53 - Zoe Edwards helps me with the foundation for a more sustainable sewing practice

Zoe Edwards joins us again! This time, we covered sustainable sewing and lots of things in between. I've asked Zoe to help me while I'm still quite new to sewing, to get a good foundation to a more sustainable sewing practice. From learning how to choose patterns to fit your body so you will get the most wear out of them -always the most sustainable option after not getting or making anything at all- and discussing different fabrics, you’ll learn a lot in this episode! 


Zoe Edwards standing against a bright blue wall, wearing a blue overall, bare feet, hands in pockets



  1. How to make clothing fit a) your style, b) your lifestyle, and c) your body 

(the blueprint that Zoe often shares with her audience.)

  1. Your “size” – as far as shop-all sizing goes – means nothing in the sewing arena. 
  2. Think of yourself as a collection of measurements instead of a size. And measure yourself often!
  3. Once you learn the few alterations techniques you’ll need you’ll master them in no time because you’ll always use the same ones.
  4. If you have really nice fabric you don’t want to ruin, make a sample garment, or toile, first! It can even be a scaled-back version to save you time (leave out the pockets, for example).
  5. Discussion about stretch fabrics and sustainability. Also: which fabrics are interchangeable with denim / how to substitute fabrics in patterns.
  6. There is no such thing as sustainable fabrics! And why.
  7. GOTS Certification - a strict certification that requires textile companies to produce purely organic fabric, have no chemical runoff, pay fair wages, and more.



Sewing Patterns for Bigger Bodies, shared by Zoe:

Cashmerette - https://www.cashmerette.com/collections/cashmerette-patterns

Muna and Broad - https://www.munaandbroad.com/collections/patterns

GOTS Certification - stands for Global Organic Textile Standards, Learn More at https://global-standard.org/



“Every company has its own “sample size”-- its own set of proportions that they work to. Some of them.. they’re not gunna fit so well to your body and you’re gunna have to do a bit of work to make it fit. So always, always, always measure yourself before you start a new project.” They’re just numbers. They don’t mean anything.

A quote from episode 53 with Zoe Edwards


Her podcast: https://checkyourthread.com/

Her blog: https://sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.com/

The first time she was on A Smaller Life: https://www.ja-wol.com/blogs/podcast/34-zoe-edwards-from-the-check-your-thread-podcast-on-me-made-may

About her annual 4-week challenge, Me Made May https://sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.com/p/about-me-made-may.html


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A quote from episode 53 with Zoe Edwards

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