#79 - Behind the Filter: The Reality of Creative Entrepreneurship, Simple Strategies for Your Business

I wanted to do an episode about Etsy and if it is worth starting your own website, when I went to Threads to do a callout for craft business that have ideas about this, I saw a post by a printmaker. This post inspired my episode. Sometimes you don't know were to start and the business roadmap is completely unclear. I hope that I can make it a bit more simple with this basic roadmap. 

The Threadspost that inspired this episode

I was moved and frustrated by the ever returning struggles of small creative businesses. So in this episode, I'll guide you through the fundamental steps of building your own business in a simple and straightforward manner. While these steps may seem basic, they provide a solid foundation for anyone embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. My aim is to boost your confidence and highlight areas where you may need further education or information.

This episode is for everyone - whether you're just starting out, haven't yet taken the leap, or feel overwhelmed by the process. Think of it as me extending a helping hand to those navigating through the swamp of uncertainty. I'll provide you with a sturdy branch to hold onto as you find your way.

As someone who tends to get philosophical and wordy, I've added this extra bit of information to ensure clarity. So, if you're ready to dive in, let's embark on this journey together.



  1. Understand your needs, values, and goals as foundational steps in building a business.
  2. Embrace your uniqueness and craft a brand that authentically reflects your personality.
  3. Conduct detailed calculations to determine the financial viability of business endeavors.
  4. Establish a solid online presence while owning your digital assets.
  5. Set fair prices that sustain both the business and the entrepreneur.



00:00 Introduction: The Struggle of Creative Businesses
01:07 Meet Saskia: Your Guide to Business Success
01:12 The Mission of Pattern Shifts Podcast
02:02 Navigating the Feeling of Failure in Business
05:48 The Importance of Business Skills for Creatives
07:51 Basic Steps to Building Your Business
10:59 Defining Success on Your Own Terms
13:22 Practical Steps and Support for Your Business Journey
21:38 A Simple Roadmap to Grow Your Creative Business
24:45 Exploring Happiness and Personal Fulfillment
25:09 The Financial Side of Crafting a Business
30:53 Understanding Your Unique Value Proposition
31:21 Building a Strong Brand Identity
36:31 Establishing Your Online Presence and Brand Visibility
39:29 Pricing Strategies for Sustainability
43:18 Investing in Your Business and Yourself
45:12 Encouragement and Final Thoughts


#76 - Unraveling your business identity - pt 1. Your Identity

#77 - Unraveling your Business Identity pt 2. Your Customer’s Identity

the printmaker that inspired this episode: 

Rachel Snowdon https://www.rachelsnowdon.com/


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