#77 - Unraveling your Business Identity pt 2. Your Customer’s Identity


Today we're discussing the crucial journey of standing out in the market. The focus is on self-discovery, aligning personal values with your business, and understanding your customers' unique needs.

It's tricky to copy successful brands, I'd urge you to look within and find your identity. A yarn dyer's example illustrates the importance of embracing uniqueness rather than following trends. Sign up for Pattern Shift updates and the Ja, Wol Business Circle to receive actionable tips.

In the previous episode I provided a free PDF for self-discovery prompts, emphasising the holistic approach needed in creative industries. Authenticity and individuality are explored as essential elements in running a business successfully. The episode concludes with a case study highlighting the prevalence of similar advertisements and a call to action for listeners to reflect on their brand identity.



  1. Self-discovery is key: Align personal values with business values to build a solid foundation.
  2. Unique identity matters: Stand out in saturated markets by expressing your unique identity as a business owner.
  3. Understand customer needs: Dive into the customer's world to create a sustainable business model that caters to their unique needs.
  4. Honest communication: Build trust with customers through honest and true communication about products and values.
  5. Create an ideal customer persona: Envision the ideal customer to guide business decisions and build a deeper connection.


"Standing out in today's saturated markets requires more than mimicking popular businesses; it demands a journey of self-discovery."




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