#80 - Sewing The Seeds Of Love - Set Business Goals To Match Your Values


In this episode, I discuss setting goals and matching them to your values. We go into why setting goals for your small creative business is important and I share two valuable worksheets that can help you to look at your current situation and your dreams for the future, finding practical ways to get from here to there and grow your textile craft business in line with your values. 


In the world of creative entrepreneurship, I emphasize the importance of setting goals as the compass guiding our journey. Drawing parallels between goal setting and preparing soil for a garden, I share my experiences of meticulously crafting plans for my vegetable garden, highlighting the need for decision-making aligned with values. Through my podcast, I aim to provide actionable strategies for small business owners in textile crafts, focusing on building a sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

I introduce the concept of personal goal setting as a precursor to business goals, urging listeners to prioritize self-reflection and alignment with personal values. I offer practical exercises and worksheets, encouraging entrepreneurs to integrate personal and business values into their goals for greater clarity and effectiveness.

I outline three key steps in goal setting: taking a time picture, aligning personal and business values, and zooming in on short, mid, and long-term goals. I introduce various goal-setting models like SMART, GROW, and WWHW, emphasizing the importance of specificity, measurability, achievability, relevance, and timeliness.

Through examples spanning leadership, finance, sales, marketing, creativity, and customer service, I illustrate how goals can be tailored to individual business needs and values. I stress the need for continuous reflection and adaptation as goals evolve over time.

Finally, I invite listeners to share their goals with me, offering to be an accountability partner in their journey towards business growth. I emphasize the importance of taking action and not delaying progress, while also offering ways for listeners to support my podcast.


  1. Goal setting is crucial in creative entrepreneurship, serving as a compass for business success.
  2. Personal goals should precede business goals, allowing alignment with individual values.
  3. Practical exercises and models like SMART, GROW, and WWHW help craft clear, achievable goals.
  4. Integration of personal and business values enhances goal clarity and effectiveness.
  5. Continuous reflection and adaptation are essential as goals evolve over time.


Setting Personal and Business Goals
Setting and Achieving Business Goals
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