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I am a Certified Bullet Journal ™️ Trainer in Training
  • Record your thoughts to clear your mind

    Learn how to quickly capture and organize your thoughts using simple ways scientifically proven to increase retention, comprehension, and clarity.

  • Reflect on your record to cultivate insights

    Learn how to examine your notes to discover what things add real value to your life and work and whats distracting your from them.

  • Refine insights into resourceful actions

    Optimize how you're doing things by distilling your ideas and goals into steps and strategies that help you make meaningful progress towards what you value. 

  • Respond by acting according to your values

    Learn how to stop reacting to your life and start showing up as who you want to be. Create the life you want to live by aligning your actions with your values.

Hi! I'm Saskia

  • Bullet Journalist since 2017
  • Trained and experienced marketing, branding and small business expert.
  • Trained photographer. Product and website designer.
  • Two decades of training, teaching, coaching and mentoring experience.
  • Small business owner in the slow fashion / needle craft industry since 2009.
  • Podcaster since 2020.
  • Mom, wife, entrepreneur, designer, and neuro-spicy person with chronic illnesses.
  • I like islands that have whiskey and rain, moody movies, woolly wools, and constantly learning new things.

A Little bit more about my Bullet Journal Journey


I have been a Bullet Journalist since 2017 and have and recently been granted the title of Certified Bullet Journal Practitioner by the BuJo company.

I am in training to become a certified Bullet Journal Trainer and as from this moment Ryder Carroll and his team gave me permission to teach the practice that has literally changed my life.

As a mom, wife, entrepreneur, designer, and neuro-spicy person with chronic illnesses, this practice brings me focus and insights on a daily basis.

It's the compass I use for life and business and it shows me what I need while I set my intentions so that I may live my dreams and achieve my goals.

Bullet Journalling is at the base of the plans, systems and tools I use in my business. ✏️ first, 💻 later.

I'm a trained marketer, branding expert and photographer. I ran small businesses for the last decade and a half and learned how to podcast, do product development and organise my business so that it suits my needs and values and at the same time is part of building a better world.

Bullet Journalling brings everything I believe in together in a practice that can be life-changing. I can't wait to share this with you!



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