Beleef je Verbeelding for Ja, Wol

At Ja, Wol we are working on a collection of the finest handmade tools and notions that are locally made. To reduce the impact of our footprint and to show off all the craftsmanship that is just around the corner.

Evelyne, designer at 'Beleef Je Verbeelding (Experience Your Imagination) designs and makes beautiful leather bags. Ja, Wol asked her to custom design some needle cases and pouches.

A CASE FOR HANGING: A hanging case for use in your studio/atelier/workroom/ or just.. in your house. Needles, scissors, rulers, pencils or even your make up tools.

A CASE FOR CARRYING: One to use on-the-go, to take your crochet needle, knitting needles, pencil and whatever you need while you are traveling and crafting.

A CASE FOR GATHERING: A pouch for your haberdashery and small items. Scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers or even your headphones and make up. 

The cases are handmade with thick durable leather so needles won't go through. They are all one-of-a-kind (if one color is gone, it's gone...) 

They are allround and practical, and -above all- beautiful and luxurious. 

Leather will improve with age, take care of it and it will last a lifetime. 

Carrying (folded) cases fit up to 20cm needles. Hanging (with eyelets) cases also fit longer needles, they will stick out, but it will hang just as nice. Even circulars fit. 

Just one more thing...

They make great presents!