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✍︎ NEW: Workshop Bullet Journaling® for Small Creative Businesses ✍︎

✍︎ NEW: Workshop Bullet Journaling® for Small Creative Businesses ✍︎

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A mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system. - Ryder Carroll


PLEASE NOTE: The first 10 tickets are sold at a lower price so that I can asses interest and prepare my workshop. In the future the price will go up. You will not know the exact date of the workshop when you buy these tickets. If, for whatever reason, I cannot teach the workshop, you will get a refund. 

What will the workshop look like?

It will be a 2 hour group zoom call (with pee-break!) where I teach using a camera on myself and one on my Bullet Journal

®. I will use slides and give you a worksheet. 

You will need a journal and a pen. (could be any journal but I can give you an affiliate discount link so you can buy the official Bullet Journal

® if you like)

The workshop will cover the basics of the method, after the workshop you'll need to give it at least three months to get a good idea of how the

The Bullet Journal® Method works. 

You will be added to the Ja, Wol Community for the duration of those three months for free so you can ask questions and get in touch with the other students. (You'll receive an email with an invitation to your own space within the community)

✍︎ Bullet Journal with Saskia de Feijter 

Bullet Journaling has changed my life. Ever since I learned to Bullet Journal in the way that is intended by creator Ryder Carroll, it has been my compass in life and business and I can't wait to share the practice with you. 

Members of the business circle already shared my love for Bullet Journaling after I showed them the benefits. 

I started my first BuJo in 2017, since then I have become a Certified Bullet Journal Practitioner and a

Certified Bullet Journal® Trainer. The Bullet Journal company, Ryder Carroll and his team have granted a small group of Bullet Journalists the opportunity to train the method as it was designed. I was lucky enough to be picked. 

I teach the ground work from the perspective of a creative business owner, you'll see examples from my actual life that can be very helpful if you are a creative business owner but just as helpful if you are not. 

Disclaimer: Even though your Bullet Journal is meant to shape into a tool that matches your needs, we are not going to focus on the creative versions you see on Pinterest. This practice focusses on the mindfulness and productivity through cycles of setting intentions and reflecting on the events, tasks and notes that you make. In time you can make it your own.

Find more info here

All you need is just any journal and a pen, but if you want to buy an official Bullet Journal in preparation to the workshop, I have a DISCOUNT CODE behind this link or use code SASKIADEFEIJTER621 (I receive a small percentage of the sales). 

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