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Ja, Wol Business Circle Program

Ja, Wol Business Circle Program

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Struggling to start a business in the needle craft industry?

It's hard to take action to grow and expand without costly business coaches or a working from within your business. We'll show you how to run your business consciously, smarter, and with focus.


• bi-weekly mentor meetings,

• weekly accountability meetings,

Teaching a three step framework including

• new weekly chapters and lessons,

• workbook, and

• checklists


you'll learn to

• level up,

• find your ideal customer,

• adjust your business to your needs and values, and

• make friends.


Join the circle and make the changes you want!


NEXT COHORT STARTS MARCH 2024 and runs 12 weeks

There are limited early bird tickets available until Februari 14th. I'd like to sell them early on because I run the program by myself and I need the preparation time. (#transparency and #ethicalmarketing) 

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