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Ja, Wol

Building Better Businesses Circle - BBBC

Building Better Businesses Circle - BBBC

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You didn't come this far to only come this far... With some goals in place, a plan, a strategy even, you can start to break through that ceiling that weighs you down. There is a way forward and out of the day-to-day busywork. Let's start to work smarter and not harder! 

In the Building Better Businesses Circle Program (the BBBC) I mentor small creative business owners and guide them to a more organized, structured and focussed way to grow their business. My specialties include connection, branding, marketing, communication, goal setting and building community.

With gentle, guiding influence, a sense of humor and a burning passion to stop the fast fashion industry I’ve started to invest my skills and energy to help small, independent businesses in the craft and textile industry to build a strong and holistic base that aligns with their personal life, building a business that is fun and easy to run so the conscious consumer can continue to choose better products and materials. 

As a trained artist, marketer and business owner I have experienced first hand that passionate artists and artisans don’t often start with a business, sales or marketing education. I am here to bridge that gap and show you that these are not dirty words and that it can actually be fun and easy to level up and grow your business. 

The BBBC offers a curriculum that is made to help busy business owners succeed. It consists of 4 modules with written and audio chapters, video’s and a workbook with exercises that -when completed- will be your future toolkit and roadmap. Weekly online meetups and accountability groups will motivate you to actually do the work. These meetings offer the most value of the program, connection and the power of community a group of people that will become your board of trustees, your mastermind so the value expands well into the future.  

The BBBC is a group mentoring program. Get more details here

There are 4 early bird spots available.


I know a few things about running a small creative business, but most importantly; I love to help and motivate you to get things done!

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