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Ja, Wol Business Circle Membership (for program alumni)

Ja, Wol Business Circle Membership (for program alumni)

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NOTE: This is a YEARLY payment, monthly payments available HERE (only credit cards). 

Get shit done! That's basically what we're doing in the membership. In here are the colleagues you never had, the business coach you can't afford and the opportunities hidden in every corner. 

The Business Circle Membership space is...

  • where we have our own little space for those who went through the Ja, Wol Business Circle Program. 
  • where we continue to practice what we've learned and have continued accountability. Connection momentum, everything that is so important for really and actually doing the work.
  • the space where you take it a little bit slower because you've already done the bulk of the work, but every month we go back into different topics that we've talked about before, and we reconnect to that space and that part of your business.
  • the space where we continually connect with our peers to give and receive, to learn and share and to save huge amounts of time and effort because someone else has already got the experience you need. 
  • the online space to network and connect to other businesses, to set up projects and collabs and to 'talk shop' in a safe and friendly environment. Where else can you do this?

 Use the knowledge of a group. And, grow your individual business with that knowledge. 

I hope you'll have a lot of fun here and be sure to let me know if ever you need anything. Just send me a DM and, we'll have a little chat.

The membership offers

  • A FEED to share and receive information, inspiration and insights (III) that doesn't work on algorithms, you can decide how you want to read and receive your messages
  • AN EVENT section, that shows the monthly meetings, open work sessions, accountability sessions and irl events that are hosted by and for the membership 
  • A MEMBERS list, so you can find and connect to other members easily
  • A CHAT for quick and cozy babbling
  • A FILTER section where you can easily find topics by clicking the hashtags
  • MONTHLY THEMES, SMALL CHALLENGES AND EASY QUESTIONS, this is the backbone of the membership, your guide through the program, re-connecting with the chapters in the program, keeping you on your toes.


NOTE this membership is only available to the Ja, Wol Business Circle PROGRAM Alumni 

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