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1:1 Consulting (hourly rate)

1:1 Consulting (hourly rate)

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You didn't come this far to only come this far... With some goals in place, a plan, a strategy even, you can start to get shit done and move your business forward.

There is a way out of the day-to-day busywork. Let's start to work smarter and not harder!  


This hour is for you if you need:

• An extra set of eyes and ears on a project you are working on?

Insights in how to get unstuck and lift your business in a way that is workable in your schedule? 

Someone to talk to about what your next step should be?

Someone to ask all kinds of questions around

  • branding
  • selling
  • marketing
  • building a community
  • podcasting
  • building a holistic business/life
  • goal setting 
  • running a business that is sustainable for you as well as the world



In this one hour session I can mentor and guide you, offer tools, ask you the right questions and send you off in the right direction.  

I've worked in this industry in many forms for over a decade and have made my mistakes. Every time I learned and did better going forward. I became a master of using tools and systems to do my work with focus and efficiency. 

During the lockdowns I decided to dedicate my time to helping other small businesses cut through the noise and offer helpful tools and information to build brands in a way that is sustainable to them as well as the world. 



1. Book and pay one (or more hours) here.

2. Then book an hour (or more) via my Calendly

3. Pick a time that suits you and meet me on zoom via the link that will be provided to you via email. 

4. Try to get some questions ready and mention them in the Calendly sign up process (you will be prompted) so I can arrive well prepared. 


I know a few things about running a small creative business, but most importantly; I love to help and motivate you to get things done!

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