The universe really has been shouting at me:
And I have started to listen.
I was too busy, to overwhelmed by all the options, all the social media, all the products, all the customers, all my friends and family, all the zoom meetings, all the extra effort to stay in touch with friends. Staying healthy in head and body, eating well, reading and staying up to date. All the... EVERYTHING. 
And I know you feel the same. So I've written my experience down for you. I get most reactions to these kinds of emails so I went for it and pissed all over the rules not to use long texts. If you CHOOSE to read my things, yay, good for you. If you choose NOT TO read it because you are busy, you are missing out and should start choosing more and better. ;-) Just kidding.

Here is this whole text in one sentence: You can learn how to surround yourself with things and people you actually love and let the rest go. It will make you feel like you've started living in a tiny house, but with leg space. 

Thinking, re-thinking, focusing and re-focusing left and right. Choosing occurring every day, all day. What to keep, what to take? What direction to go in? Whom to ask to join me?

Letting go of things I don’t need any more and making space to focus on the things I love started when I first read ‘The life changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo a couple of years ago.  I learned that choosing WHAT TO KEEP is a lot different from choosing WHAT TO DISCARD.

Marie’s philosophy stuck with me over the years and it transformed the way I behave as a consumer, as a friend, as a person.

The ability to choose goes beyond your bathroom trinkets, it surpasses your kitchen appliances and junk drawer. Learning about what you love will take you faster, easier and closer to finding those items and people (!) that spark the most joy. 

My two moves placed me right in the middle of all the choosing again. Keep or discard? Love or hate? Meh or Nah?
Every single time I choose I am actually deciding
‘who am I?’ The hardest question to answer and doing it right on time for my midlife crisis. Stupid or smart? I don’t know, this wasn’t a choice…

Now… before I become a KonMari billboard here…
Let me tell you this; it is not hard but it does needs work and some dedication; you have to CHOOSE to want to learn to CHOOSE.

It’s actually a muscle you grow, your choosing muscle. It becomes so much easier in time, I promise! Don’t start with choosing your partner from a group of random people. Or choosing what baby or kitten pictures to keep. Start easy but START, just BEGIN.
Choosing and building on your habits go hand in hand. I loved 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear and have really learned how to stick to the choices I've made. 
I’m not saying I never buy things anymore. I’m not becoming a minimalist! I have just become really good at buying the right things FOR ME. The irony is there though, I’m moving into a bigger house and I am obviously buying things for the house. I’m just not taking and buying things that don’t make me happy, that weigh on me.

I now quite easily choose
- What I* love
- Where it’s made
- How it’s made
- By whom it’s made
- To support local businesses

(*’I’ is also ‘we’)

The things we buy are definitely not 100% all organic, made-in-my-street perfect. No way, we are humans (with a budget) but having practiced my ability to choose had made this process a lot less stressful and…
Focused on joy!! This means that the move -so far- has been a truly joyous experience.

Knowing how to choose
- Makes things less stressful
- Brings focus
- Brings joy
- Takes away the overwhelm
The ability to choose will bring you so much focus and clarity of what to knit, what to use, where to buy and how to knit. The choosing muscle brings you so much, woven (she did it again…) all through your life.

Start training your choosing muscle today with three quick and easy steps:
  1. Choose only one social media platform to use this week
  2. Unfollow at least 10 brands or people that don’t spark joy any more (keep going after 10 if you are on a roll)
  3. Choose two friends to spend some actual connection time with this week
What has really helped me to choose; Everyday I…
  • Write down 3 things that I’m grateful for
  • Write down 2 things that I’m looking forward to
  • Write down 3 goals I want to achieve that day
I'm also working smarter. This newsletter will also become a blog and parts of it will be on Instagram. 
    So if you don’t want to miss that online meetup, if you have been thinking about starting that project with that amazing yarn, if you felt your stash giving you the guilty look…

    Choose and plan your social time, let one thing go, write down and focus on the other one.
    Start that project and ENJOY it!
    Go tackle that stash, go through it all, hold it and decide; does this bring me joy? If not, we have a new Wollies Market Place- group in the online community where we GIFT & SWAP yarns, knits and tools.
    You can't do it all, knit it all, be everywhere and live a thousand lives. Learn to choose what makes you happy and feel liberated of all the things that you don't need. No more FOMO! The dream of the tiny house but with room for your legs. It's right here. 

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